Tree of Light Charities 2020

James Hopkins Trust (Rotary President’s Charity)

James Hopkins Trust was established in 1989 and provides nursing respite care for life limited & life threatened children aged 5 and under in Gloucestershire. Our main aims are every one of these children have the opportunity to access specialist respite care and support to enrich their own and their families lives. We strive to provide family centred care adapted to the children’s individual needs. Our respite care is provided free to the families we support, all of whom are in critical need and at the highest end of the spectrum in terms of the level of the child’s disability.

                                   PRIDE IN GLOUCESTERSHIRE (The Mayor’s Charity)

Pride in Gloucestershire is a celebration of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans and Queer life in Gloucestershire. Any events supported or arranged by Pride in Gloucestershire aim to promote awareness of LGBTQ+ issues by providing information, education and entertainment in a safe environment. 

 As an organisation we are passionate about equality and diversity. We believe in a fair society where LGBTQ+ people can achieve their full potential and have their voices heard.

We celebrate diverse sexualities and gender whilst fighting for progress and acceptance. 

 We are entirely not for profit meaning every penny we raise goes straight back into our community. 


Rotary Community Awards & Trust Fund for Young People

The balance of the money raised will be shared between the Rotary Club of Gloucester’s Trust Fund for Young People, which helps local 14-24 year old’s to achieve their dreams or ambitions, and the Community awards Scheme operated by the 4 Rotary Clubs in Gloucester jointly to support dozens of small organisations with much-needed funding.
The Trust Fund has helped around 50 local young people with vocational, training, sporting achievement and worldwide volunteering projects. The Community Awards Scheme helps each year around 25 small strictly local charities with grants up to £500 to help them continue their valuable work.