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Mark Fisher

In loving memory of Nan and Grandad, Mary and Frank Thursfield. Missed greatly, always in our hearts. Lots of love from Lisa, Mark and Sophie xxx

Carol H

A special mention to my very good friend Sandra and my lovely brother Les, both taken from us too early when they had so much to live for.   Sending all my love.  Carol xxx

Jeremy Keck

A Merry Christmas to all my family and friends around the world and remembering all those in heaven.

Roy Lewis

To Iris - My thoughts and heart are always with you. Love you always. Roy xxx

Peter Nesbitt

For my darling brother Michael Nesbitt. For my darling Mum and Dad - still loved and missed every day x

Chris Peak

In memory of my parents.

John H Smith

Eva, Ethel, Bill, Harry, thanks for your love and example to make us we the people we are. Always in our hearts. Pauline and John

Martyn White

Remembering all those who can't be with us at Christmas-time.

Hilary Cass

Mike Cass - sadly missed, lovingly remembered.

Julie Vizor

Lorraine and Dad . A light went out when you both passed but my love for you will always last - miss you Julie x

Veronica Hollingsbee

For Christmas intentions

Veronica Hollingsbee

For Richard's intentions

Julie Reynolds

Remembering loved ones and friends who we lost too soon. Julie xxx